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Wilo-EMUport FTS


Wilo-EMUport FTS

Описание серии:

Fully submersible sewage lifting unit ready for connection with solids separation. All-in-one gastight and watertight collection reservoir without constructive welded joints, as well as two separately-lockable solids separation reservoirs. The collection reservoir has rounded edges and the bottom of the basin is bevelled. This prevents deposits and the drying of solids. With pre-filtering in the solids separation reservoirs, the solids are filtered from the fluid and only pre-filtered sewage is directed to the collection reservoir. Pumping is performed by two high-performance submersible sewage pumps in versions IP55 or IP68 in dry well installation. The pumps are designed as a redundant double-pump system and run in alternating operation. Level management can be performed via three float switches or a level probe.
On request, the system can be equipped with automatic backflushing to the collection reservoir and installed directly into a pump chamber made of PE-HD. For management, the corresponding switchgear of the SC-L and CC-L series can be selected as an accessory.

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